April 5, 2022

5 Easter Weekend Attractions Close to the Kruger National Park

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 The upcoming Easter weekend is going to be the first proper break of the year for many. And if you are one of the lucky people planning a trip to the warm Kruger, you are not alone. The Easter weekend is well-known for being one of the busiest weekends on the calendar for the Kruger and the reserve is usually packed with guests. For some, a park full of people is not a problem while for others, especially those who are looking for a quieter weekend, the thought of having to navigate traffic and people is not their idea of a perfect weekend away.

Luckily, the Kruger Park experience doesn’t begin and end at the Kruger. There are plenty of surrounding lodges that overlook the park and share that uniquely wild vibe that all park guests look forward to enjoying. If you want to plan a weekend that you will never forget, then opt for a stay at a place overlooking the Kruger, like Kambaku River Lodge, and fill your 4 day weekend with Kruger safaris as well as visits to nearby attractions is a great plan.

At Kambaku River Lodge we are one of the top luxury Kruger National Park accommodation options in the area. From the comfort of our lodge, you can view all sorts of wildlife and during the day you will be able to go into the Kruger for a real safari. But it is not just the safari experience that you can enjoy while staying with us. We are also close enough to all sorts of beautiful places, which include:

  1. The Wild Frontier

The Wild Frontier is an area made up of rich historical attractions such as Barberton and Badplaas, and also the much closer Komatipoort. The area is best known for being close to the Mozambique border and as such there is a rich cultural connection to the area. The Frontier is often called the Cradle of Life because there have been countless important archaeological discoveries in the region. This attraction covers a really large area and you are probably unlikely to want to spend your whole weekend driving back and forth through the tollgates, so it could be best to stick to the towns and attractions on the Kambaku side, so you don’t have to worry about money.

  1. Leopard Creek

If a day of golfing is your idea of a great time, then you should plan a trip to Leopard Creek. You can do so through Kambaku, as we have a close relationship with Leopard Creek and we can help you plan the perfect day on the course.

  1. Lunch in Skukuza

The capital camp of the Kruger National Park is Skukuza and if you make a morning of exploring all the off the beaten track roads that lead to Skukuza and then have lunch there, you will have a truly memorable experience. Skukuza is like a small town on its own, and the camp is known for its delicious food. Just make sure you support local rather than eating at one of the recent fast food additions.