Battle of the Lion Kings in Kruger Park

This video is a true display of how lions, and wildlife in general, operate in their natural habitats.

Nature is gloriously unpredictable, and oftentimes unforgiving. When 3 young male lions put on an immense display in a fight for territorial dominance, right on the banks of the Crocodile River, we were reminded of natures often violent character.

Young male lions remain bachelors until they form their own pride. They are known to team up in pairs during this time and they will determine their own territories, which they are willing to defend to the death if need be. While to an outsider, or a visiting tourist, this display of aggression seems almost otherworldly, especially when we live in a day and age were fairness and equality are the norm, the animal kingdom does not follow our rules.

What viewers won’t know is that the intruding lion had his own male companion although it is clear that the two had been, for some reason, separated. Being on his own made him vulnerable and the two robust males also, at first sight, appear to be in better condition than the intruder male, who looks as though he hasn’t had a good meal in a while.

It could be that he came into the territory in the hopes of finding food or fellowship, but it is more likely that this lion (and his unseen partner) sought to claim territory that simply was not theirs for the taking.

The fight for dominance in the lion kingdom is always a show of strength. The weaker lion will almost always be killed if defeated, and sadly this was the case in this instance. Although the injured lion’s partner attempted a rescue, it was too late and he only narrowly escaped with his life when he was chased away. The victorious males returned later in the evening to kill the badly injured lion.

The video is an amazing display of “survival of the fittest” even though it can be quite difficult to watch.