October 26, 2021

Bush Break Planning: How to make the most of a Romantic Getaway

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Planning a romantic getaway is a whole lot easier when you have a few helpful tips up your sleve.

With the internet and the past experience of a few savvy travellers being shared on so many platforms, instead of being stressed out about planning your trip, you can actually have some fun with it.

One of the biggest mistakes that travellers make when planning a romantic holiday, is calling it romantic. By doing this, you are raising both your expectations as well as those of your partner, which can really heap the pressure onto you to make this trip out of this world memorable. And planning under that kind of pressure can result in completely avoidable heartbreak when something goes wrong or if your break just doesn’t have that feeling you hoped to achieve.

So, to help you out, here are a handful of planning tips to keep in mind when you are planning a romantic bush break to Kambaku River Lodge (ps. Our Kruger National Park accommodation is simply made for a couple’s getaway, and with prices like ours, you can afford to treat yourself and your partner to a beautiful trip)



Get really, really far away from the modern world

Just the two of you, well away from the stress and the reminder of your daily life and all of the responsibilities that come with it, can make your break even more romantic than you could even imagine. When you are staying in the bush, like our lodge close to the Kruger National Park, you will have the opportunity to just be with one another, enjoying your time together, away from the distractions.

Disconnect from the modern world

Although you might be deep in the heart of nature, and mostly away from the modern world, with technology we often take the world with us wherever we go. So you need to be sure that you also disconnect from your technology while you are on holiday. This way, nothing will distract you.

Indulge in good food

You are on holiday! So indulge in all of the food that you might normally avoid eating in an effort to stay trim. When staying at Kambaku Lodge, which is a self-catering lodge, you will need to prepare your own meals, unless you arrange otherwise, which is great because you can bring along whatever it is that you feel like eating.

Go on a couple’s safari

Whether you book a safari drive for just the two or you or if you have brought along your own car, you should take the time to enjoy a couple’s drive through the Kruger National Park. Sharing the experience means making memories that are just shared between the two of you, which can be an incredibly special experience to look back on in years to come.

At Kambaku River Lodge, our guests can look forward to a relaxing bush break, in some of the best Kruger Park accommodation in the area. Contact us today to book your stay.