February 18, 2022

Planning a Romantic Weekend away in the Bush

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Some dream of city lights and spa days, while others want that beach holiday where they can enjoy lazy days sitting in the sand and evenings relaxing in villas with an ocean view. And then there are those who are looking for that bushveld getaway, where there is little contact with the outside world and private game viewing opportunities.

Although you might not think it, the luxury but rustic aesthetic of bushveld accommodation, like that which you will find at Kambaku River Lodge, can become the setting for the most incredibly romantic weekend away. Deep in the heart of the bush, away from the noise and the stress of day to day life, when you are looking for the perfect place to spend some quality time with your partner, a romantic getaway at a place close to the Kruger National Park could be just what you need.

To make the most of your romantic weekend away, you need to make sure that you do the right kind of planning. If you were to not plan your trip properly, you could end up with a less than fantastic weekend away and this could have the opposite effect on your plans.

Whether you are the sort who likes to make a big deal about Valentine’s Day, or if you take things a bit further and make a whole month of it, a romantic weekend away could be what you are looking for.

Planning a Bush Holiday

Before you jump into planning your weekend away, you should make sure that you don’t pile the pressure on yourself to have the most magical trip. Things might not go according to plan, and that should not worry you too much. With that said, let’s get into it!

Choose your destination wisely

Not everyone likes the beach and not everyone is keen on an over the top romantic gesture. If you are planning your holiday, you should know your partner well enough to know what they like and what they don’t so that you can choose a destination you will both enjoy.

Have some activity

Since you will be staying in the bush, you should leave some room in your day to go on a game drive or visit local attractions. Spending some time outdoors is not just a great way to air your brain but it is also a fantastic way to bond with your partner.

Indulge in some good food treats

Now is the perfect time to tuck into some great food and indulge in all of those delicious treats you might not always treat yourself to. You can also think about planning a picnic and spending some time with your partner out on a green lawn where you can simply relax in one another’s company.

If this is the month that you want to have a weekend away with your partner, then Kambaku River Lodge could be the perfect place to go. Contact us today to make your booking.