November 10, 2021

SANParks announces its free week dates

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An event that is on the calendar of every Kruger fan, the annual free week is rolling around again, and if you are looking forward to an early holiday getaway, now would be the time to book your stay at Kambaku River Lodge, and spend your week enjoying free access to the Kruger.

For the past 16 years, the Kruger National Park, as well as other parks in the country have set aside one week in November to give all South Africa citizens the chance to enter without having to pay the usual fees.

This year, the open week is set to run from the 22nd of November to the 28th of November, and for those living close to the Kruger, it is the perfect excuse to take some early off time and escape from world into nature. And if you are visiting from somewhere far away, now is a great time to book a stay at a nearby luxury lodge, and just put your feet up for a bit.

Combining a trip into the Kruger with a stay at Kambaku, will allow you to avoid the holiday crowds while still getting to enjoy a rejuvenating break. Since we are situated on the banks of the Crocodile River, and just a very short drive from the park, when you take part in the free week, you can look forward to saving money while entering the park as often as you like.

About the SANParks Free Week

The annual free week is hosted by SANParks in conjunction with Total Energies and FNB. The aim of the event is to give South African nationals the chance to explore their wildlife heritage, with the hope that they will gain a greater appreciation for the nature that surrounds them. The hope is that they will realise how important conserving nature is and as such they will play an important role in the future of the parks they visit.

During the free week, while day visits are free, overnight stays are not, which is why a stay at Kambaku might be the better option if you’d like to make a proper holiday of it!

How to make the most of this opportunity

To have the most spectacular holiday, here is what you should do.

Arrive early

Free week naturally draws in loads of excited people who are keen on exploring the park. This means that queues at the more popular gates start forming from around 4:30 am and since the park is only allowing in a limited number of people, it helps to get there early.

Take along lunch

The park is packed to the brim by 10:00 am and you will want to pack lunch if you hope to avoid the crowds. While you can always stop for a bathroom break at a picnic spot, the main camps are hard to navigate and so bringing your own lunch can be helpful when you don’t want to have to meet busy crowds.